News and Events

ZEPTO Cataract Surgery

  • New Endeavor
  • 28th November 2017

    The most advanced and latest ‘Zepto Cataract Surgery’ is being introduced for the people of Jharkhand at Drishtidan Phaco Centre an advanced center for PhacoSurgery of Jamshedpur. It is a better and safer pr...

    Automated Perimetry

  • New arrival
  • 27th July 2016
  • An essential tool for Glaucoma diagnosis and management, IVS-201B Touch Screen Automated Perimetry is a Linux based computer. It can do the most common Field Tests including Macula 10, 30 and 60 degree also driving tests with full threshold or Rapid test. It has got Eye-Gaze tracke...


  • At Jharkhand State Conference
  • 27th July 2016
  • Consultant PhacoSurgeon Dr.S.K.Mitra of Drishtidan Phaco Centre routinely take part in various seminers,workshop and conferences hosted by different State, Zonal and National Societies / Organizations. He takes active part in organizing local meetings,Continuing Medical Education progra...