What we do ?

“Drishtidan Phaco Centre” an advanced centre for PhacoSurgery was inaugurated on 19th. January 2012 at Masjid Road, Golmuri, Jamshedpur.

At Drishtidan Phaco Centre, Dr.S.K.Mitra is doing the most advanced procedure for Cataract surgery  through Phacoemulsification. Nearly 100% of his cases are being done through PhacoSurgery. One of the world’s most acclaimed machines, the Sovereign machine with WhiteStar ICE and Fx. technology with most latest series of Intra Ocular Lenses are being used by him for performing PhacoSurgery. With the upgradation of technology Dr.Mitra has introduced “No Injection Cataract Surgery” and most of the cases are performed now under Topical Anesthesia, that means only with anesthetic eye drops  and patients are at ease with no fear of injection in the eye !!!.The centre is equipped with Optical Coherence Tomography machine, Yag Laser, Fundus Photography and Automated perimetry machine. The lid surgeries, Glaucoma surgeries, Squint corrections are also routine procedure performed at this centre.

To have flexibility of clear vision for Far, Intermediate & Near vision  after PhacoSurgery; instead of Monovision and guided by innovation of Multifocal  Intra Ocular Lenses, he has adopted the modern practice of implanting Multifocal , Presbyopic and Trifocal Intra Ocular Lenses.

DRISHTIDAN PHACO CENTRE  at Masjid Road, Golmuri has already earned a name in the field of advanced PhacoSurgery, cosmetic lid surgery with other routine eye care facility in and around Jamshedpur.